Monday, March 12, 2012

Garnier BB Cream - BzzAgent

I received my first BzzKit a few days ago. I am a BzzAgent, so the product that I am reviewing in this blog post is a full size free sample of Garnier's BB Cream in Medium/Deep (It also is available in Light/Medium). I will admit that when I first got invited to this campaign I wasn't sure what BB was, and later found out that (thank you google!) that it is Beauty Balm - It seems, in my opinion, that this is the new name for "tinted moisturizer", but I can see that "BB Cream" is catchier. -- It's all the craze these days, now that my eyes have been opened to this, I now see them everywhere.

Lets start off with the claims: This product claims to Renew Radiance, Brighten your complexion, Even skin tone and blur imperfections, Hydrates for 24 hours, and protects against UVA & UVB rays w/ Spf 15. It provides for a lightweight and flawless finish. It is formulated with the antioxidant Vitamin C to help renew your skin's natural radiance, creating the ever coveted "healthy glow".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tarte LipSurgence - Collection

Sooo, I know I typed "collection" but really, I only have 2 (for now). I am really in love with these lip crayons!! I have Frisky - Natrual Lip Luster, and Fiery - Natural Matte Lip Tint. There is one thing you all need to know, I have never been big into lipsticks, I have very few, but I am a huge balm and lip gloss girl. OK, with that said let me tell  you a little about both products: they have a light minty smell (nothing like CO Bigelow lip products), and because of the peppermint oil in the product you get a very very mild tingle that goes away very quickly. The packaging on these bad boys, is adorable, it is a twist up crayon with the outside packaging being a fairly accurate representation of the color of the product (the luster has a glittery packaging; and the matte has a matte-rubbery packaging), the covers are on these pretty tight so do be cautious when opening them because you don't want to knock the tip right off as you're eagerly opening it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

I have seen videos and read posts on these little babies since they launched in Janurary (I think). There are 6 in total, the 6th one I did not Purchase was Peppermint (Lime Green Packaging). I was intrigued, so I decided that I would try them out, considering I suffer from very chapped lips. I bought 5 [1 clear, 4 tints] in total, all of them I bought at Target where they are selling them for $3.69 each.

The 5 I purchased were (left to right): Quenched (Color: Clear; Scent: Fruity Pebbles), Grape Vine (Color: Berry; Scent: Dymetap/Grape), Cherry Me (Color: Reddish tint; Scent: Cherry Chapstick), Peach Kiss (Color: Peach w/ fine glitter; Scent: Peachy), Pink Punch (Color: Barbie Pink - alot have said this was a dupe for Mac's Lady Gaga lipstick; Scent: Capri Sun Fruit Punch).
Swatch w/o Flash
Swatch w/ Flash

 From Top to bottom:
Pink Punch
Grape Vine
Cherry Me
Peach Kiss

Lips: My Lips are not very pigmented.

Quenched w/o Flash
Grape Vine w/o Flash
Quenched w/ Flash

Grape Vine w/ Flash

Cherry Me w/o Flash

Cherry Me w/ Flash

Peach Kiss w/o Flash
Peach Kiss w/ Flash

Pink Punch w/o Flash
Pink Punch w/ Flash

Color Pay Off: I did like all of them; they do give slight tints & I did not expect anything more than that. In the case of Peach Kiss it has a bit of glitter in it, so it gives your lips a frosted look. My least favorite was the Pink Punch, the color just did not flatter my skin tone at all, It would probably look better when I have a tan, so I picture myself bringing that bad boy to the beach this summer.

SPF: 20 (awesome)

Scent: I did like the scents, they were not too overwhelming. However, Grape Vine, definitely has a strong grape smell, and as I stated above, it smells like Dymetap (does anyone remember what that stuff smelled like, ugh!) - So I definitely have a bad association, but once it is on the lips the smell is not as strong. 

Price: $3.69 at Target.
[Deals: Target currently has $1 off a Maybelline Cosmetics Item (In addition, check your local drug store weekly ad for those "buy one get one 1/2 off" deals)]

Packaging: The packaging on these is adorable, I have thrown them in my bag filled with stuff and they have not opened on me (Very happy about that). However, I think theses were definitely marketed towards young adults or teenagers, because sometimes when I pull one out of my purse in public, I'm not gonna lie, I get a little embarrassed and I'm in my 20s, lol - But obviously, that doesn't stop me apparently, but I thought I would just throw that in there.

I did really enjoy these, I have really gone through Quenched, because it smells soo good and it does leave my lips very soft. I do have to reapply the product after about 2 hours or so, but again, I do have very dry lips.

Here is the link for more information: Baby Lips

I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope this was helpful to all of you. I obviously could not get into every aspect of the product, so if you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.



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