Introduction to Me

Introduction to Me

I thought I would introduce myself a little bit - I’m an everyday woman from New York, and a hoarder of beauty products :). I'm also a hobby baker, it is my own form of therapy. For the most part I like doing reviews for various cosmetics ranging from low to high end brands and letting you know what I do and don't like about them. I will provide plenty of photos so that you can all decide whether the products are for you. Also, I will try to do my reviews in a timely manner, especially if the product I am reviewing is on sale or clearance.

I will admit that though this blog would be largely dedicated to beauty products, there will probably be other entries on other things such as shopping hauls, shoe unboxing/reviews, everyday life, my baking or cooking success or disasters, and reviews on non-beauty related products that I receive for review.

Basically, this blog is supposed to be fun and informative, not just for me of course, but mainly for all of you! ;)  In addition, I have a small YouTube Channel, dedicated to reviewing the products that I talk about here on my blog, for those that prefer to listen and see the products for themselves. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest: @HelensBeauty.

I would love to hear from all of you, so feel free to comment, and subscribe, and I am always open for product suggestions.

Stay Beautiful!



YouTube Channel

Note: The products reviewed in this blog are bought by me, unless otherwise noted. These are my opinions, and as I'm sure you can all gather, I am not being paid to do this - It's fun! :) 

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