Monday, March 11, 2013

Adventures in Lush - Episode 1: Northern Lights Soap

At the end of 2012 I finally decided to dive into LUSH. I know many people who have tried and loved this brand and so I decided I wanted to get in on the fun. I picked up a variety of products from their After Christmas sale which I will be reviewing through out the rest of the year (yeah...all I can say is, Thank Goodness for Christmas Money!!). I decided to call my Lush review series "Adventures in Lush" and review each product separately as I use them.

The first product I tried was the Northern Lights soap, which was a Lush Holiday Soap, so we'll see if they bring it back next year. Here's what Lush had to say about it: (from the Lush Times) "Did you know that on dark, crisp, cold nights you can see the Northern Lights in your bathroom? Well, only if you've been to LUSH and stocked up on this startlingly refreshing cypress, lime and pine scented neon soap! Your favorite seasonal soap last Christmas, Northern Lights is back again to lather up and soften your skin this winter."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BzzAgent: MorningStar Farms - Original Sausage Patties & Spicy Black Bean Burger

Hi everyone! Sorry for my month long absence from the blog & youtube, but you know how life goes. Today, I'm doing a BzzAgent review on MorningStar Frozen Food tiems. As a BzzAgent I sometimes receive free products or coupons to purchase products to review them. BzzAgent is free to join, and if you like to try new things, sign up!

This particular campaign was for Morning Star Frozen Food items, I received a coupon for a free box, and several other coupons to share with others.  I just thought I should mention, that I am by no means a vegetarian nor do I plan on ever becoming one by choice, but it is nice to know that there are healthier alternatives out there for us meat lovers without too much sacrifice involved.

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