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Baby Lips Electro ! Pink Shock, Oh! Orange!, Berry Bomb, & Strike A Rose

Baby Lips Electro

Hey everybody!! So if you read my previous post you know that I picked up 4 of the 6 new Maybelline Baby Lips Electro !! The other 2 colors I did not pick up were a neon yellow, and a neon green. I have to admit, when I saw this display I was really excited, because I had no idea that there was a new Limited Edition Baby Lips coming, and I am a pretty big fan of the Baby Lips line in general.

Baby Lips Electro L-R: Pink Shock, Oh Orange, Berry Bomb, Strike A Rose
The 4 colors I picked up where Pink Shock, Oh! Orange!, Berry Bomb, and Strike A Rose.  This line comes packaged in the same familiar tube as the original baby lips, but the only difference is the the tube itself is black, which really makes those neon colors in the tube really POP! Also, I should mention that these, like the other limited edition colors, do not have SPF 20 in them, which was a factor that I really liked about the original Baby Lips. I'm sure Maybelline had their reasons, but still, WHY?

No Flash - 1 layer (L-R: Same as Above)
Flash - 1 layer (L-R: Same as Above)
No Flash - 2 layers (L-R: Same as Above)
Flash - 2 layers (L-R: Same as Above)

Anyway, as a whole the color pay off from this product is sheer and can be a little built up, but definitely no where near opaque. However, this is to be expected, after all it is a balm. In addition, they all deliver a nice amount of moisture to your lips making them look healthy and minimizing the look of dry lips. They have average lasting power, so reapplication is needed as they are not staining either. Now lets get into the colors individually...

Pink Shock

Pink Shock (no flash)

Pink Shock (flash)

In the package it looks almost magenta. Smells like sweet fruity gummy candy. This shade is probably the most pigmented of the bunch, you could really get away with just wearing this alone for a little pop of color on the lip. On the lips it adds a nice wearable magenta shade.

Oh! Orange! 

Oh! Orange! (no flash)

Oh! Orange! (flash)

In the package it looks like a bright peachy-orange. It has a citrus grape fruit smell. Swatched on the lips, it gives a very tangerine tint, it's subtle and very summery.

Berry Bomb

Berry Bomb (no flash)

Berry Bomb (flash)

In the package it looks like a bright purple, if it were an opaque lipstick it would be a little intimidating. Smells a little bit like grape mixed with another sweet smell that I can't quite put my finger on. Swatched on the the lips, it leave a purple based berry tint, in person it looks a tad darker.

Strike A Rose

Strike A Rose (no flash)

Strike A Rose (flash)

In the package it is a bright neon pink. It has a sweet strawberry type smell. Swatched it leaves a pretty rosey pink tint to the lips, as the name would suggest. I was really surprised by this one, I didn't expect it too show up too much on the lip, but it does deliver a little pop of color.

  • Price: $3.79 (Can usually find them at the pharmacy for BOGO 50% off)
  • Limited Edition (I found mine at RiteAid on a small display)
  • Moisturizing
  • Cute/Durable Packaging
  • No SPF
  • Delivers a nice sheer wash of color to the lips
  • Mildly Build-able (Do not expect opacity, but you can layer the color)
  • Pleasantly scented, none are overpowering at all
  • Average lasting power
  • No Staining
Overall, I really liked these baby lips, my favorites have to be Pink Shock, and Strike a Rose, with Oh! Orange! coming in third. Don't get me wrong I liked Berry Bomb, I just haven't been too much into the berry color on my lips for the summer. These Maybelline Baby Lips are a great product for the summer to just toss in your bag for some moisture and sheer color, which sometimes in this heat (its been over 90 degrees in NY!!) is all I really want to put on my lips instead of a heavy lipstick or gloss. Keep a sharp eye out for this display in your local pharmacy, because this product sold out fast over by me, and they have not re-stocked. 

If you do get your hands on these bad boys, let me know what shades you picked up and how you like them!!

Stay Beautiful!!



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