Saturday, May 2, 2015

Funky Fingers - Dia De Muertos

Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos

Today I have for you another glitter nail polish from Funky Fingers. This one is called Dia De Muertos, and it is a glow in the dark glitter nail polish! 

Dia De Muertos has a very sheer light blue base with small blue hex glitter, and blue micro glitter. It also has small hot pink hex glitter, and short hot pink bar glitter. In the pictures I have 4 coats of polish on the nail. However, I think 3 coats would have been sufficient, because with the 4th coat the glitter started to clump a little on the nail. The formula was otherwise smooth and easy to work with and layer for the most part.
Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos

But the real test was whether this polish actually glowed in the dark. Well, in that respect it did not disappoint! It was so vibrant that my camera was actually able to capture it pretty clearly!
Funky Fingers Dia De Muertos

  • Availability: Five Below
  • Price: 2 for $5
  • Variety: they had a few more colors, but none with as much variety of glitter as this one. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the glow in the dark capability of this nail polish and how bright it was. Otherwise, I just really wish that the base was a bit more opaque. I will say that next time I use this polish I will stick to 3 coats, even though there is still a clear visible nail line. If you are looking for opacity, this is not the polish for you, but layered over a similar blue, I think would make it pop a bit more.

Do you have any glow in the dark nail polish favorites?

Stay Beautiful!



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