Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips

I have seen videos and read posts on these little babies since they launched in Janurary (I think). There are 6 in total, the 6th one I did not Purchase was Peppermint (Lime Green Packaging). I was intrigued, so I decided that I would try them out, considering I suffer from very chapped lips. I bought 5 [1 clear, 4 tints] in total, all of them I bought at Target where they are selling them for $3.69 each.

The 5 I purchased were (left to right): Quenched (Color: Clear; Scent: Fruity Pebbles), Grape Vine (Color: Berry; Scent: Dymetap/Grape), Cherry Me (Color: Reddish tint; Scent: Cherry Chapstick), Peach Kiss (Color: Peach w/ fine glitter; Scent: Peachy), Pink Punch (Color: Barbie Pink - alot have said this was a dupe for Mac's Lady Gaga lipstick; Scent: Capri Sun Fruit Punch).
Swatch w/o Flash
Swatch w/ Flash

 From Top to bottom:
Pink Punch
Grape Vine
Cherry Me
Peach Kiss

Lips: My Lips are not very pigmented.

Quenched w/o Flash
Grape Vine w/o Flash
Quenched w/ Flash

Grape Vine w/ Flash

Cherry Me w/o Flash

Cherry Me w/ Flash

Peach Kiss w/o Flash
Peach Kiss w/ Flash

Pink Punch w/o Flash
Pink Punch w/ Flash

Color Pay Off: I did like all of them; they do give slight tints & I did not expect anything more than that. In the case of Peach Kiss it has a bit of glitter in it, so it gives your lips a frosted look. My least favorite was the Pink Punch, the color just did not flatter my skin tone at all, It would probably look better when I have a tan, so I picture myself bringing that bad boy to the beach this summer.

SPF: 20 (awesome)

Scent: I did like the scents, they were not too overwhelming. However, Grape Vine, definitely has a strong grape smell, and as I stated above, it smells like Dymetap (does anyone remember what that stuff smelled like, ugh!) - So I definitely have a bad association, but once it is on the lips the smell is not as strong. 

Price: $3.69 at Target.
[Deals: Target currently has $1 off a Maybelline Cosmetics Item (In addition, check your local drug store weekly ad for those "buy one get one 1/2 off" deals)]

Packaging: The packaging on these is adorable, I have thrown them in my bag filled with stuff and they have not opened on me (Very happy about that). However, I think theses were definitely marketed towards young adults or teenagers, because sometimes when I pull one out of my purse in public, I'm not gonna lie, I get a little embarrassed and I'm in my 20s, lol - But obviously, that doesn't stop me apparently, but I thought I would just throw that in there.

I did really enjoy these, I have really gone through Quenched, because it smells soo good and it does leave my lips very soft. I do have to reapply the product after about 2 hours or so, but again, I do have very dry lips.

Here is the link for more information: Baby Lips

I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope this was helpful to all of you. I obviously could not get into every aspect of the product, so if you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.



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