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Garnier BB Cream - BzzAgent

I received my first BzzKit a few days ago. I am a BzzAgent, so the product that I am reviewing in this blog post is a full size free sample of Garnier's BB Cream in Medium/Deep (It also is available in Light/Medium). I will admit that when I first got invited to this campaign I wasn't sure what BB was, and later found out that (thank you google!) that it is Beauty Balm - It seems, in my opinion, that this is the new name for "tinted moisturizer", but I can see that "BB Cream" is catchier. -- It's all the craze these days, now that my eyes have been opened to this, I now see them everywhere.

Lets start off with the claims: This product claims to Renew Radiance, Brighten your complexion, Even skin tone and blur imperfections, Hydrates for 24 hours, and protects against UVA & UVB rays w/ Spf 15. It provides for a lightweight and flawless finish. It is formulated with the antioxidant Vitamin C to help renew your skin's natural radiance, creating the ever coveted "healthy glow".

Before & After
(Description of my skin tone: I have a very light olive complexion with freckles and a few blemishes, so I selected the Medium/Deep which was really the best shade for me considering it was not very dark at all. I can't even imagine how light the Light/Medium shade is considering that the darker shade was a much better match for me -- Food for thought if you plan on purchasing this product)

w/o BB Cream
w/ BB Cream

My mother, who suffers from red patches on her face and dry skin had a much more drastic result, the redness was extremely toned down and it evened out her complexion, she is much more fair than I am with freckles and this Medium/Deep was a good shade on her. She also said that the product was moisturizing , there was no creasing, and it did not make her skin feel oily, and coming from her that is HUGE! -- Needless to say we have been sharing the bottle and using it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I could not post her before and after because she would kill me.

  • This product does even the skin tone, and blur small imperfections such as freckles and tones down redness.
  • It is surprisingly moisturizing considering that at first glance when the product comes out of the tube it looks like it is going to be too thick to sink into the skin, but once on and blended, it feels good.
  • It is build-able coverage. You can go with lighter coverage or heavier coverage with this product. I prefer lighter coverage, my fear is that with layering you might look a bit cakey, because the formula looks like it has a tendency to be a bit matte if you put on too much.
  • Gives you that "glow"
  • You can never go wrong with SPF in your face products, you need to protect that beautiful face of yours especially if you plan on sticking with it for a while ;)
  • Antioxidant - Vitamin C: Good for your skin and covers, can't really beat that combo.
  • Price: $12.99 (can be found at Target, Walmart, and your local drugstores). It's not a bad price considering you have other high end BB creams that retail for over $20 for a tube comparable in size, if not smaller. 
  • You get a nice amount of product: 2.5 FL OZ.

  • This product does not do a very good job with coverage of redness caused by blemishes, it does tone it down but if you have a blemish you definitely need some concealer.
  • The Medium/Deep formula does have a bit of an orange tinge to it.
  • You do need to warm up the product a bit between your finger or your palms, depending on your preference of application, because it is a bit thick when it comes out of the tube. This is not per se a "Con", but for me I guess I was expecting it to be more of a consistency of an actual moisturizer.
For More Information on this product you can visit the website: Garnier BB Cream

I hope this review was helpful to you, and let me know what your experiences have been with these BB Creams -- Stay Beautiful!

Love - Helen

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