Friday, May 11, 2012

The ideal engagement...House?

I was having a conversation yesterday with a soon to be famous rock star friend of mine (She was featured on this month) about love, marriage, and the ever fantasized about engagement. Mind you, we had just gotten out from seeing the “5-year engagement” (Very cute movie – I have a secret crush on Jason Segel, shh! don’t tell anyone).

As we were digging into the $3 rack at Rainbow shop we happened upon this conversation.

Picture this…an expensive restaurant, the kind in Manhattan that has no prices on the menu and a dress code.  In a dark corner, with a gorgeous view of the NY skyline, and soft music playing in the background, he proceeds to order a bottle of Pinot Noir to sip on as we glance over the menu and stare lovingly into each other eyes.  For appetizer we order the duck; that just melts in your mouth as we feed it to each other.  For dinner, we each have the aged steak with a delish mouthwatering potato side dish.  We whisper softly into each others ears and catch each other glances, our eyes sparkling from the small candlelight on the intimate table for two.  Then, dessert, a small but absolutely delectable seasonal cheese cake with a delicate lemon syrup drizzled methodically, and a sprig of mint to finish off the plate.  He proceeds to order a bottle of dessert wine, that with its sweetness compliments every succulent bite.  We have light conversation, with our heads swimming with romantic/unmentionable thoughts, testing each other to see who gives into temptation first.  Then, after a passionate kiss, he abruptly gets up and walks over to my side and proceeds to kneel.  My heart racing and head swimming with passion and body nervously trembling, he pulls out a small ring sized box and opens it and says “Helen, will you make me the happiest man in the world, and marry me?”, I look at the shinny platinum setting 1karat FLAWLESS diamond, and think to myself “God, I hope this fits”, and then proceed to out loud reply, “Yes, yes!!”. We spring up to our feet and kiss and then he proceeds to slip the ring on to my finger.

Now, after all that, you would think that this would be my ideal engagement, but…It’s not! Although I did get goose-bumps thinking about it, lol.

My ideal engagement, takes place on a gorgeous spring or summer morning, and 30lbs thinner (We’re working on that…only 24lbs to go).  My boyfriend is driving me around a beautiful Queens suburb, to a home to meet one of his relatives.  We pull up to a small white house with pink shutters and a white picket fence.  I step out of the car and you can smell the fresh burbs air and actually hear the birds singing with a few non-pigeon feathered friends picking away at the beautifully landscaped front lawn.  We walk up to the door and before we ring the bell he cups my hands in his and says “Helen, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while”, I proceed to look at him perplexed, and all of a sudden he gets down on one knee and out of his pocket he pulls out a ring-sized jewelry box, at this point I proceed to shake nervously.  He continues “Helen, will you be my bride?” as he pops open the case to reveal a set of keys.  At this point I’m trying my best not to pass out, holding my breath and trying to focus on every word in case I miss anything.  I see the set of keys and look at him, and stupidly reply, “What’s this for?” (Even in my fantasy sometimes I question my intelligence).  He proceeds to stand up and hand me the key and says “Try it”.  I laugh nervously trying my best to remember to breath, and as one key goes in and unlocks the first lock, I glance over to him and say “Really?” (Again, what is wrong with me? lol).  I then proceed to try the next lock and before I could turn the knob, he puts my hand over mine and says, “Well…?” and I reply shaking with a nervous giggle “Yes, I will marry you”. He proceeds to kiss me and sweep me off my feet and carries me over the threshold into our new home.  He puts me down and we smile at each other and embrace as he whispers “You have made be the happiest man in the world” and I reply “I love you”.  He then takes me by the hand and walks me into the living room area, and there, in the middle of the empty room is an open cardboard box with a bow on its side and something rustling in it.  He looks at me and says “Go look…” nervously I walk over and hover over the opened box, and in it, is a puppy.


At this point my friend interrupts and says, “With a ring on its collar !?” and I look over at her and say “If he can buy me a house and get me a puppy, the ring can wait!”

So, there is no ring, or diamond attached to this adorable ball of fur, but instead he proceeds to show me around our adorable little home with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths that has a small deck in the backyard and a decently sized patch of green, oh!, and a finished basement. And we live happily ever after :)

Now I ask you, am I strange to have a fantasy like this for my ideal engagement? As much as my friend insisted that it was a very mature and smart engagement, I feel like maybe there is something lack luster about it as compared to the romantic dinner or spontaneous engagement that every other woman dreams about?

What’s your ideal engagement scenario?


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