Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tarte LipSurgence - Baby It's Bold Outside Statement Lips

Hi all! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are gearing up and keeping calm for the rest of the holiday season. I have been so backed up on life in general, that my blog posts, and video reviews have suffered. I really do apologize for that.

Any-who! I'm here to talk to guys today about the Tarte LipSurgence Baby It's Bold Outside Statement Lips Set (better late than never, right?). As you all may know from my last post about Tarte LipSurgence, I LOVE THESE THING!! This set was part of Tarte's holiday gift set collection ($34). Lately it has become rather difficult to track these down because they no longer have it on the Sephora website or Ulta or even Tarte (btw, Tarte is having a 30% sale) for that matter :(.  However, I have seen them at the Sephora stores and QVC.com , so I would say if you are interested in picking this set up, the sooner you do it, the better. I missed out on last years LipSurgence set, and I can't tell you how much I regretted it. Especially, since individually each LipSurgence goes for $24 and in this set you get 5 for $34. OK, enough back-story and on to the review and swatches!!

Flash: L-R: Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite
No Flash: L-R: Escape, Enchanted, Exposed, Sweet, Elite

ESCAPE - Natural Lip Luster 

This lip luster is a light pink color with fine silver shimmer running through it. This does not have long staying power and when it fades all that is left is some shimmer on the lips.You have to reapply this product.

Flash: Escape

No Flash: Escape

ENCHANTED - Natural Lip Tint (in the permanent line)

This lip tint is a dark pink almost sheer red. It does leave a mild stain after the initial gloss finish fades. For a continued glossy look, you must reapply this product.

Flash: Enchanted

No Flash: Enchanted

EXPOSED - Natural Matte Lip Tint (in the permanent line)

This matte lip tint is all around light pink nude matte. There is no gloss or sheen to it. However, being matte, it is surprisingly not drying. It has a matte finish that does not make dry lips look even dryer. It also has great color payoff. Furthermore, this does have better staying power than the other LipSurgence in this collection.

Flash: Exposed

No Flash: Exposed

SWEET - Lip Luster

This lip luster is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer throughout. When faded, it leaves behind a faint gold shimmer on the lip. This product does not have very good staying power, so you must reapply it throughout the day.

Flash: Sweet

No Flash: Sweet

ELITE - Lip Tint

This lip tint is light coral, leaning more towards the pink, than the orange. It leaves a nice gloss to the lips and when it fades it leaves a mild stain. To keep the glossy finish you must reapply this product.

Flash: Elite

No Flash: Elite

Overall, the LipSurgence line as a whole is very moisturizing (yes, even the matte shades) and has a nice pleasant minty smell and taste to it. All of the LipSurgence apply beautifully, and some do have a mild tingling sensation when applied to the lip, but it is not at all unpleasant. 2 of the 5 shades in this set are available in the permanent line. The greatest aspect of this set is that you get to try all 3 of the different LipSurgence available, including, the lip tint, lip luster, and my personal favorite the matte lip tint. I really hope that all of you get a chance to try at least one LipSurgence and have the great experience I have had with them. This is a product that I don't think I could ever go without. Let me know what shades or type of LipSurgence is your favorite. Have a great Holiday!! Stay Beautiful!



YouTube Reviewhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLs81gefGk8

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