Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Head & Shoulders - Damage Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner (Influenster)

Hi all! Today I'm going to be talking to you guys about the New! Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner. I was sent these full-size bottles for free from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. This new line from Head & Shoulders claims to "work to relieve dry scalp, while at the same time help to repair damaged hair" & it "leaves hair strong against damage". (taken from H&S website)

I should mention that prior to this campaign I had little to no experience with Head & Shoulders, but nonetheless I welcomed the opportunity to try it. Lately my scalp has been very dry due to the combination of the winter weather and my use of hot styling tools. I do not have a dandruff issue but I do notice that after washing and drying, my scalp feels a little dry and itchy. So when this campaign landed at my door step I was pretty excited and hoping for the best.

A little background on my hair - I have fairly long curly hair. My hair is on the drier side on a regular basis, but it is even drier than most because I have chemically treated hair. My hair at one point or another has been any color you can think of, from blonde, orange, black, red, highlighted, and now back to dark brown (for now ;) ). To top it all off, I have a love affair with my hair dryer and diffuser attachment, which is set to low but on high heat. - I'm guessing you get the picture by now, my hair needs some serious TLC.

So now, on to the Review!!

Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner

Head & Shoulders - Damage Rescue Shampoo

The consistency of this product is unlike any other shampoo product that I own. When first squeezed out of the bottle, it has a thick opaque consistency. The color is a peach cream color, which I am told is different from the original blue tinged color. It has a nice peach-y scent to it. Overall, I found that the shampoo lathers nicely, and when washed out it leaves the hair feeling clean but not stripped.

Head & Shoulders - Damage Rescue Conditioner

The consistency of this product is similar to other conditioners I have used, it is a pearl peach color and it has a slightly stronger fruity smell to it than the shampoo. It is not an overwhelming smell, it just smells fresh. I found the conditioner to be very effective in conditioning and being able to coat my hair with moisture. It de-tangled and made my hair easier to comb out in the shower, to spread the product evenly. After washing the product out, my hair was left feeling soft and conditioned with a nice light fresh and fruity scent to it. This conditioner did not weigh down my hair, as some other conditioners tend to do when they are on the heavier side and tend to leave residue behind.

Hair after using Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner - Looking more conditioned, shiny & soft to the touch.


  • Protects and conditions scalp to prevent itching due to dryness
  • Leaves hair nicely scented
  • Gives hair some shine
  • Hair did not feel weighed down
  • Leaves hair feeling clean without stripping hair
  • No residue
  • Does have restorative properties that are noticeable even after just 1 use
  • Price: $5.99 - $7.49 (prices vary)


  • Availability: I found the normal Head & Shoulders everywhere (i.e. drugstores, walmart, target, etc,), but it was a little harder to track down this particular line. In fact, I have yet to see it on the shelves by me (go figure!)
  • Would not recommend for people with thin or very oily hair - as this product may be too heavy for thin hair and being that it is a product geared for dryer damaged hair it has more moisturizing properties which may not be the best option for oily hair. 

Overall, combined, I found that these products protected and conditioned my scalp, calming down that dry scalp related itch. As an added bonus, I found that my hair looked healthier and felt softer, it had a little more shine to it and didn't look like straw. I was pretty impressed with this product, it really exceeded my expectations. I do think for the price, it is well worth trying it if you are a dry hair sufferer or if you have a hair-coloring or hot tools styling addiction, like yours truly. Let me know if any of you have tried this product or the other Head & Shoulders lines! How did you like them? Stay Beautiful !



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