Sunday, January 20, 2013

BzzAgent - Stella Artois Chalice, 21+

Content in this blog review involves an adult theme, specifically, mention of an alcoholic beverage. So, please, this is for people 21 years of age & over.

I received an invitation from BzzAgent to test and review the Stella Artois Chalice. I was sent this Chalice for free for review. If you are interested in receiving free products to review, feel free to sign up with BzzAgent, it is free and campaigns range from things like cosmetics to food.

This chalice is not only very pretty to look at, but also serves a purpose. Here are the claims: (the following was taken from my BzzGuide)
  • The Perfect Head: The shape of each Chalice is positive for CO2, which improves the head retention and flavor of Stella Artois
  • The Perfect Pour: The angles at the bottom of the Chalice cause a wave that positively affect the relation of the liquid to the glass - in short it enhances your beer
  • The Perfect Chill: The star stem provides a place to hold your Chalice so each beer stays colder longer. 

Lets start off with the claims for "The Perfect Head". I did find that this glass, seeing as how it narrows towards the top, does hold and retain a nice thick foam even after a few sips. It was a little difficult for me to get that nice head on the beer, because I am by no means an expert at pouring beer.

As for the "The Perfect Pour" I did find that it was easier to get a nice pour into this glass as opposed to other beer mugs or glasses that you get at the bar or restaurant. The oval-ish shape and the slight tilt of the glass while pouring does make a huge difference. Again, this is not exactly fool proof, as I said above, I do not quite have the science down just yet. 

When it comes "The Perfect Chill" aspect of this chalice, it was ok. It takes some getting used to, grabbing the beer by the stem. When the glass is relatively full, it is a but clumsy. That, and you have to fight your instinct to secure the chalice, so you feel comfortable that you're not going to be spilling it on yourself. I found that I had minimal control over the glass and if tipped to far, you will end up with a face full of beer. This is definitely intended for lady-like beer sippers and not beer-gulpers. 

The 9 Step Pouring Ritual

  • Nice Aesthetic Design
  • Light Weight
  • Nice for entertaining & for those that have an at-home bar.
  • Does promote an easy pour
  • Holds a nice head - when you get the pouring down.
  • Price: $14.99 for a set of 2. 
  • Clumsy - because of the way it is designed to be held.
  • Only gentle hand washing - otherwise you will wear away the markings on the glass and the rim.
  • Does not keep your beer any colder than other glasses

Overall, this glass is nice as a showpiece, or for use at an at-home bar. It even makes a nice gift for a beer lover. As far as practicality for everyday, it was ok. After a while the markings on the glass will begin to fade if you are not careful how you wash it, and the way the glass is intended to be held is a bit on the clumsy side since you do not have much control over it. If you are interested in picking up this glass you can find it at the BudShop

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