Tuesday, October 8, 2013

L'Oreal Limited Edition Le Matte & La Laque

Top - Bottom: Le Matte: No Matte-r What, La Laque: Never Lacque-ing, I Lacque You a Lot, Lacque-onic, Lacquer-ized
I finally got my hands on the New! L'Oreal Limited Edition Le Matte & La Laque lippies ! It only took me forever to do so, because every where I went they were sold out! It was very frustrating. Anyway, now that I finally have them I figured I would put in my 2 cents about the product, so here we go...

Top - Bottom: Le Matte: No Matte-r What, La Laque: Never Lacque-ing, I Lacque You a Lot, Lacque-onic, Lacquer-ized

Le Matte
Velvety Full Coverage Lip Colour

No Matte-r What

No Matte-r What 
No Matte-r What (no flash)
This lip product is a nude that leans more towards the brown than the pink sort of nude. I think it will make for a nice fall or winter lip color, paired with a dark smokey eye. Normally, I try to stay away from matte finishes because I have notoriously dry lips, but I decided to give this one a shot. I only picked up one (a) because I wanted to see if I liked the formula before I picked up more than 1 and (b) this was the only matte color they had left.
No Matte-r What (flash)
When first applying this product it has a strong powdery lipstick smell to it, that quickly dissipates once it is applied (thank goodness). On the lips it has a creamy feel to it, it just glides on effortlessly, which was surprising for a matte lip color. It was even and streak free application. When you first apply the lip product, it is more of a semi-matte finish, but after it has settled for a minute or so, the formula becomes more matte in appearance.  However, much like other matte lip products, it does settle into lines, so do make sure that you exfoliate your lips prior to application, that way it looks smoother and you have less lines for it to settle into. The matte had good wear time, with a little fading after eating and drinking, but what product doesn't fade after all that? It did dry my lips out a bit during wear, but nothing unbearable. Also, on the lips the product did not feather, but it does transfer.

Overall, I was really surprised how much I liked this matte lip product, and if they had more colors available I would go out and get at least 'She's so Matte' & 'Matte for Me', fingers crossed, because these have just been FLYING off the displays !

La Laque
Shiny Full Coverage Lip Colour

Never Lacque-ing

Never Lacque-ing 
Never Lacque-ing (no flash)
This is a very pretty every day medium pink. The la laque formulation has a heavy feeling to it on the lips, it feels sort of thick even though you don't need a lot of product to get a lot of pigment. It's creamy and a little bit tacky, but nothing that really bothers me too much. I have to admit, the pigmentation from this was very impressive, a couple of swipes and you're done, no layering needed. The finish on these is a little shiny, nothing crazy, but enough to make your lips look a little wet. The only thing that's a tad annoying sometimes is that fact that this product does transfer very easily. Wear time is average, it's not as long wearing as the Le Matte formula by any means. I think that has a lot to do with it's formulation. Also, this formula did not dry out my lips, which is largely why I picked up more of the La Laque range than the Le Matte, because moisture is usually the way to go for me.

Never Lacque-ing (flash)

I Lacque You a Lot

I Lacque You a lot
I Lacque you a lot (no flash)
Holy vibrant ! This color really blew me away with it's pigmentation and the fact that it is an absolutely gorgeous orange-red shade. This color is intense! This is definitely a shade for somebody who is looking to make a statement with their lips. I really love this color, but then again, I love those vibrant colors in general, it really boosts my mood. You can really work this color for all seasons in my humble opinion.

I Lacque you a lot (flash)


Lacque-onic (no flash)
This color is a gorgeous red. It really is a classic red, which I think everyone should have at least one in their collection. This one is a good option. This color for some reason did feather on me a little bit, and like the other La Laques, it transferred like nobody's business. It was a tad annoying actually, because this color is so pigmented and when it gets everywhere it's a pain to get off without making it smudge all over. That's the only thing about these La Laques that drives me a little crazy. For instance, if I have to fix a little mistake, where I went over my lip line a bit, forget it...it smudges like crazy and you're left with a red blotch on your face. If you're not very careful you will get that fruit punch mouth.

Lacque-onic (flash)


Lacquer-ized (no flash)
Talk about a hot pink purple ! This is surely a unique color, not to mention not for the faint of heart. I really like this color a lot, although the only thing about it that bothered me a little is that it makes your teeth look a tad yellow, time to pull out the heavy duty whitening ! I can definitely see myself wearing this in the winter months with an all black outfit and have this be my pop of color. You will for sure catch an eye or to two in this lip color.
Lacquer-ized (flash)

  • Highly Pigmented
  • Smooth, Streak free application
  • Le Matte - settles into lines
  • Le Matte - creamy matte finish
  • Creamy texture
  • La Laque - transfers a lot, prone to feathering
  • La Laque - not long wearing
  • La Laque - shiny finish
  • Powdery scented
  • Price: $5.99 - $7.99
  • Availability: Drugstores, Harmons, Bed Bath & Beyond

Overall, I really enjoyed these lip stick crayons, I can only hope that L'Oreal decides to make more shades and preferably in their permanent line. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section. Also, if you have these products, what did you think of them?

Stay Beautiful!



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