Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Victoria’s Secret: Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Oil

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Oil
Victoria's Secret Glossy Lip Oil
Top:Vanilla Sunrise; Bottom: Coconut Splash
I was strolling through Victoria’s Secret the other day and was almost able to walk out the store empty handed, but instead, I had the bright idea to look at the beauty items by the register. Well, clearly this is where I went wrong, because I found a couple of things that intrigued me and because I lack the ability to stop myself, I picked them up. First, are these very interesting looking and sounding, Glossy Lip Oils. I picked up the 2 different flavors they had, which were Coconut Splash & Vanilla Sunrise.

I have to admit I was most excited for the Coconut Splash, especially since the summer months are right around the corner and Coconut scents are my JAM!! So why not have a lip gloss that smells like coconut?
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Oil

The packaging is plastic and it has a plastic roller ball applicator. The product is dispensed easily and evenly. The product leaves a nice well balanced glossy quality to the lips, and it does have a bit of an oil-like feel to it, but by no means in a greasy bad way. It is not sticky and it leaves your lips feeling hydrated and moisturized. The product sinks in slowly, allowing for that continued hydrated feel for about an hour and half, before I felt I needed to reapply.

Coconut Splash

The coconut scent in this gloss did not disappoint! It smells like coconut sun tan lotion! I LOVE IT!! If you like coconut scents, you will love this. The product goes on clear, even though it has a turquoise stain to half of the product. This does have a little bit of a coconut sunscreen taste to it, but I did not find it offensive at all, but I thought it was worth mentioning. 

Vanilla Sunrise

The scent on this one is a bit more subtle, but it is distinctly vanilla. The product goes on clear regardless of the pink stained half of the product. Like the coconut, this one does have a little taste to it, but again, not what I would consider offensive by any means.
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Oil
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Lip Oil - Applied
For those who are sensitive to smells, don’t be worried, the scents for both of these are subtle, although the coconut one is more detectable than the vanilla, but still subtle.

  • Availability: Victoria’s Secret Stores, Victoria’s Secret Online
  • Price: $10 individually
  • Promotion: 2 for $15, 4 for $20 (mix and match)
  • Scents: Coconut Splash, Vanilla Sunrise
Overall, I was surprised by how much I really liked these lip oils. They are great for a nice boost of moisture for dry lips, with a healthy dose of glossiness to keep your lips looking healthy and kissable. I am so glad I picked up both of these, and I hope VS doesn't decide to stop making them, because I think I found a little gem here!

Have you tried these yet? or have you seen something similar around? 

Let me know in the comments!!

Stay Beautiful!!




  1. thanks for the review! I just bought the coconut one for 3.50 at Victorias secret during their semi annual sale!!

  2. Did you at all experience any dryness or peeling/flaking on your lips after using this a few times? I actually work at Victorias Secret and I when I saw this I was very I trigued because I don't like lip glosses but this said it contained oil. So my first thought was well oil moisturizes right? So I bought it and started to use it during my shift. I kept using for about 2 more days before I started to notice some dry spots on my lips. I hadn't been using anything else at the time so I scouted to the dryness/capping to the gloss. Smells great and the taste isn't all bothersome but it's not as moisturizing as I would have liked.


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