Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics!

Hi all!! I recently picked up 5 of the 8 nail polishes from the Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Collection. Metallic & Duo Chrome nail polishes are everywhere this fall and I am so glad! Although I will not be neglecting my chunky glitters, metallic will be on the "go to" list ! They are great for accent nails, and even a full Mani or Pedi, and for the Sinful Color's price of $1.99, definitely a guilt free way of trying out the trend! The shades include: Hot hot heat, Heavy Metal, Hot Wired, Supernova, Zincing of You, Moss Have, Precious Metal, Gone Platinum.

L-R: Zincing of You, SuperNova, Heavy Metal, Hot Hot Heat, Hot Wired

Heavy Metal: Your basic metallic silver, it goes on opaque with 1 coat and great coverage, no streaking! Obviously, with 2 you get the full effect as you see in the bottle. The formula is great, Sinful Colors did an excellent job with these. Short Drying time.

Heavy Metal 2 Coats
Heavy Metal 1 Coat

Hot Hot Heat: A great metallic red, these pictures just don't quite do it justice. It's a gorgeous deep shiny red, wonderful for fall/winter and great for the holidays :) (never too early to start thinking about them ;) ) This one took a little longer to dry than the other metallic's in the collection, it had a slightly different consistency. But once again, great even & opaque coverage with just 1 coat (which I find really surprising for Sinful Colors).

Hot Hot Heat 2 Coats
Hot Hot Heat 1 Coat

Hot Wired: This is a gunmetal grey with a slightly blueish undertone to it. This one was the most deceiving because in the bottle it is dark and on the nail it took 3 coats to get full opacity and coverage. The 1st coat was streaky and sheer, the formula was unlike that of the other metallic colors such as Supernova, Zincing of You and Heavy Metal. This one fell flat for me, considering I was on such a "high" about the other colors.

Hot Wired 3 Coats
Hot Wired 1 Coat

SuperNova: A beautiful pink metallic, and can almost pass for a rose-gold in some lighting. This metallic also has that great quick drying feature to it and even and opaque coverage in the 1st coat. The 2nd coat really reflects the color in the bottle even better.

SuperNova 2 Coats
SuperNova 1 Coat

Zincing of You: A beautiful bronzy/taupe metallic. This color is probably my favorite of the bunch, because you can pull this color off in both a casual and professional setting. Again, it has the same quick drying formula and great and even coverage with just 1 coat, and even better, darker coverage with the 2nd coat.

Zincing of You 2 Coats
Zincing of You 1 Coat

  • Quick Drying Formula: Zincing of You, Heavy Metal, Supernova
  • Great Coverage in just 1 Coat: Zincing of You, Heavy Metal, Supernova, Hot Hot Heat
  • Not Streaky: Zincing of You, Heavy Metal, Supernova, Hot Hot Heat
  • Price: $1.99

  • Hot Wired did not have great coverage & streaked: The first 2 coats were streaky and sheer. I had to put on 3 coats to get opaque even color. 
  • Availability: It is limited edition and I have only seen the display at Walgreens.

I've had my good experiences and bad experiences with Sinful Colors BUT they did an excellent job with this collection with the exception of Hot Wired. This limited edition collection is worth heading over to your local Walgreens for, and at least giving one a try. I hope you will all be as pleased with this collection as I am so far :) Let me know if any of you have the other 3 colors, and how those formulas measure up!? 



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