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All of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition Shades! Fall 2012

I know I haven't made this known previously, but I have had a crush on Maybelline Color Tattoo's since they came out! Why I haven't reviewed them in the past? Probably because I started this blog after I had already had my hands on them for a while (That's just a guess-timate). Any-who! I have all of the permanent collection that I will review for you in a separate Blog Posting, so this is dedicated SOLELY to all of the Limited Edition Shades. I ended up getting ALL of them, 4 at Rite Aid where they have the Fall Fashion Week Line (Who is completely sold out of them by me) and 4 at Target who has the line that corresponds with the New Maybelline Great Lash-Reboot in matching Colors. Now, that I covered my back story lets get into each collection separately:

Target - Maybelline Great Lash Color corresponding Color Tattoo's: Essentially the 4 colors in this limited edition set are the "loud, proud and bright" colors for this season. The colors in this collection include: Blue on By, Ready Set Green, Fuchsia Fever, and Test my Teal.
Top L-R: Fuchsia Fever, Blue On By
Bottom L-R: Test my Teal, Ready Set Green
Left to Right: Test my TealFuchsia FeverBlue on ByReady Set Green (No Flash) 

Left to Right: Test My TealFuchsia Fever, Blue on By, Ready Set Green (Flash)

Blue On By: This color in the jar reminded me of my Blue Suede Steve Madden Stilettos - I would probably describe it as a rich bright shimmer blue. In certain lights there is a very slight purple sheen to it.

Fuchsia Fever: This color in the jar reminded me of Urban Decay's Woodstock - It is a very pretty purple-pink (obviously FUCHSIA, lol).

Ready Set Green: This color in the jar is a nice Jade green.

Test my Teal: This is a true teal color, with a heavy blue undertone and blue shimmer.

RiteAid - Maybelline Fall Fashion Week Line Color Tattoo's: This Limited Edition set of 4 colors are the more neutral, everyday colors (Something that a lot of the Color Tattoo Lovers have been hoping for). The colors in this collection are great if your job does not allow you to really go for the bold colors, these options are perfect for you & they're great Fall Colors! The Colors in this Collection include: Barely Beige, Mossy Green, Rich Mahogany, and Gold Shimmer.
Top L-R: Rich Mahogany, Mossy Green
Bottom L-R: Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer

Left to Right: Gold Shimmer, Rich Mahogany, Mossy Green, Barely Beige (Flash)
Left to Right: Gold Shimmer, Rich Mahogany, Mossy Green, Barely Beige (No Flash)

Barely Beige: Is a very pretty pale creamy neutral shimmery beige-nude. I can see myself using this color for a nice neutral eye look to work with a bold purple lip (Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish #14), classic red (Nars Jungle Red), or burgundy/wine colored lip! This can also be used as a highlighter.

Mossy Green: This color in the jar and swatched is a dark olive green with a gold shimmer to it.

Rich MahoganyAgain, another appropriate name, it is a basic brown with hints of red and bronze shimmer in it.

Gold Shimmer: Antiqued gold with lots of gold shimmer in it.


  • Long Lasting: Lasts FOREVER! And I normally use these products with out any eye primer & it does not come off until the end of the day with some makeup remover.
  • Versatile: Can be used not only as an eye shadow, but as a base, or eyeliner even for the waterline. I was really impressed how long this stayed on my waterline, I absolutely love it!
  • Great Color Selection of both Neutrals and Bright Fun Colors
  • Build-able Color
  • Packaging: Although it is glass, the glass is pretty thick, heavy duty, and looks quality to me :) . It can get to be a bit bulky if you have as many as I do.
  • Price: On average $5.59 - $6.69


  • The first coat usually comes out a bit on the streaky side, but can be easily corrected by letting the first coat dry and then layering a 2nd coat to even it and make the color more opaque
  • You do need patience for this product sometimes, because the first application may not always come out perfect.

Application Tip: I normally use a double ended concealer brush to apply this product, it lets me pick up more product than my finger and does not mess with the consistency of the product. This helps me avoid too much streaking and get better, more even coverage.

I love this product so much that the con's are ones that I am willing to deal with!! I really highly recommend to anyone to give these a shot! I have never had any problems with them and for the price, you don't have to feel as guilty. PLUS, RiteAid and other Drugstores usually have a Buy 1 get 1 50% off sale on all Maybelline Cosmetics every other week. If you were not sure about trying these, pick one up and you will not be disappointed! Let me know how you all enjoy them and what makeup looks you create with them, considering they are such a versatile product! You can find some of these products at either Target, Ulta, Riteaid, or other drugstore.



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