Monday, October 1, 2012

Magnetic Polish - Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic & Nails Inc.

Hey everyone! So, I finally experimented enough with my Magnetic Polish Collection that I thought I would share my thoughts with you. I know I'm a little late on the magnetic polish trend, but I was finally able to get my hands on the higher end ones and then conveniently found some Sinful Colors ones as well that I liked. First off, I bought the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in the colors: Whitehall and London Town. They happen to have been on sale at Sephora for $7 a piece (Originally $16 each). Then a few weeks later I walked into my local RiteAid (I also saw the display at Target) and saw that Sinful Colors came out with their own "Sinfully Magnetic" line, the first one I picked up was in the color Polar Opposites ($4.99, but I got mine for $4.50) and it had a star pattern magnet. Then, yesterday, I walked into my RiteAid looking for cough suppressant and decided to walk through the beauty aisle (how convenient) and found a NEW! Sinful Colors "Sinfully Magnetic" display this time with a snake skin pattern magnet ($4.99, but I got mine for $4.50). I couldn't resist and picked it up in the gorgeous color, Snake it Out!

Application Tip: The key to all Magnetic Polishes is to let the 1st coat dry completely and then apply a generous 2nd coat, and for the 2nd coat you have to do each nail one at a time. I usually leave the magnet on for 30 seconds because I am a bit paranoid that the pattern will not show in only 20 seconds. After applying the 2nd coat, let it dry completely before applying the top coat to make sure that you do not smudge or blur the pattern on the nail.

Nails Inc. - Whitehall: It is a gorgeous teal color with silver shimmer running through it. It has great coverage and comes with the wave magnet. The quality of the polish is great and the magnet is pretty powerful and does a consistent job. The magnet on these is located on the cap which removable without having to expose the polish and has a nice short and precise lip to rest on your finger as you're applying the magnet to the nail.
Whitehall (Flash)
Whitehall (No Flash)

Nails Inc. - London Town: This is a nice dark caramel color with silver shimmer through out. As one beauty-blogger best describes it, it looks like a Tigers Eye stone after the magnet is applied. This polish was not as opaque as Whitehall, but with the 2 coats it had great coverage. Again, it has the wave magnet.
London Town
London Town (Flash)
London Town (No Flash)

Sinful Color: Sinfully Magnetic - Polar Opposites: It is a shimmery grey based polish with blue micro-glitter that reflect blue and purple. This one came with a star pattern magnet. The magnet on this one is a little harder to work with than the Nails Inc. magnet as it is in the form of a ring and the base where you rest it on your finger is much larger, and it is a bit harder to control as it is difficult to hold. However, the magnet is quality and the effect on the nail is very pretty. Just takes a little getting used to.
Polar Opposites

Sinful Colors Magnet

Polar Opposites (No Flash)
Polar Opposites (Flash)

Polar Opposites Manicure

Sinful Colors: Sinfully Magnetic - Snake it Out: This is a very pretty antiqued gold duo-chrome that reflects some green in it. This one came with what they call the snake skin magnet. This magnet pattern is proving to be a little challenging, but I'm sure with some time I will be able to perfect it. For now though, it's a little frustrating, but it is a very nice pattern for a person with a little more patience than I have. In addition, this pattern was a little difficult to photograph.

Snake it Out

Snake it Out (No Flash) 
Snake it Out (Flash)

Snake it Out Manicure

  • Good Coverage from both the Nails Inc. & Sinful Colors Collection with the 2 required coats
  • Magnet effect was great when using the Nails Inc. Wave Magnet & the Sinful Colors Star Magnet.
  • Nails Inc. Magnet was more user friendly.
  • Good Color Selection & Variety in the both the Sinful Color "Sinfully Magnetic" Collections.
  • Nails Inc. has 3 magnet designs: Star, Wave, Fishnet.
  • Good Quality Polish for both Nails Inc. and Sinful Colors Collection.
  • Price of the Sinful Colors: $4.99

  • Magnet effect was not as even/consistent as the others with the Sinful Colors Snake Skin Magnet.
  • Sinful Colors Magnet is a bit bulky and large, and is not user friendly. Need some practice with them.
  • Sinful Colors only has 2 magnet designs: Star, Snake Skin
  • Limited Edition Sinful Colors: both Sinfully Magnetic Lines I believe are Limited Edition.
  • Time Consuming: the process for all of these magnetic polishes is time consuming than your average manicure. It is time consuming because you have to let the first coat dry completely and you have to let the second coat dry completely before you apply a top coat otherwise you may smudge/blur the pattern on the nail. However, the results are worth the time you put into it. Patience! :)
  • Price of the Nails Inc.: Regular price they are $16 (The 2 colors I happen to get were on sale at Sephora for $7, which is still pricey, but definitely more reasonable than $16)
YouTube Review:

Overall, I think the Magnetic Polishes all need some practice to get them just right. Nails Inc.'s Magnet makes it so much easier to get more control over the pattern vs. the Sinful Colors magnet. Otherwise the consistency of the polishes themselves are both great. For price however, I would probably lean more towards the Sinful Colors, as $16 a bottle is a bit too much.  It is trend worth trying out and for $4.99 I think it's worth it if you are curious about them. For Fun, below I did some testing of the magnets on the other magnetic polishes. Have tried any of the other magnetic polishes out there? Have you had better or worse results? Hope you enjoy! Stay Beautiful!



Nails Inc. - London Town: Using the Sinful Colors Magnets

London Town - Snake Skin Magnet (Flash)
London Town - Snake Skin Magnet (No Flash)
London Town - Star Magnet (Flash)
London Town - Start Magnet (No Flash)

Nails Inc. - Whitehall: Using the Sinful Colors Magnets

Whitehall - Snake Skin Magnet (Flash)
Whitehall - Snake Skin Magnet (No Flash)
Whitehall - Star Magnet (No Flash)
Whitehall - Star Magnet (Flash)

Sinful Colors: Sinfully Magnetic - Polar Opposites: Using Snake Skin Magnet and Wave Magnet.

Polar Opposites - Snake Skin Magnet (Flash)
Polar Opposites - Snake Skin Magnet (No Flash)

Polar Opposites - Wave Magnet (Flash)
Polar Opposites - Wave Magnet (No Flash)

Sinful Colors: Sinfully Magnetic - Snake It Out: Using the Wave and the Star Magnet.

Snake it Out - Star Magnet (Flash)
Snake it Out - Star Magnet (No Flash)

Snake it Out - Wave Magnet (Flash)
Snake it Out - Wave Magnet (No Flash)


  1. Rite Aide...Buy one get one free and the first one was only $3. Not sure where you buy these brands for 16 but your getting robbed!!

  2. Thanks for the comment :) I actually picked up the Sinful Colors Magnetic line at Riteaid too, but mine were $4.50. As for the brand, they are known to be on the pricey side, they were originally $16, but I got them for $7 at Sephora. I completely agree, $16 for a polish is highway-robbery ! Even at $7, I hesitated a bit.


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