Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Vintage Leather Nail Polish Review & Swatches !

I know I am a little late on this one, but better late than never! Say 'Hello!' to some of the Limited Edition Color Show Vintage Leather nail polishes!! These are new for Fall 2013, and have just popped up in the Target by me here in NY, and have been in drugstores for a few weeks now. I was really drawn to these for the matte finish, the slightly weathered look, and of course for those random little flakies in the bottle. I do have to say, that I was really hoping for the flakies to POP a bit more, but I was a tad disappointed to find that in the majority of the colors that I own, the flakies are minimal.

Classic Camel,  Mod Moss,  Plush Plum,  Antique Teal,  Lasting Lilac,  Red Relic,  High Style Sienna

All of these colors in this collection dry to a matte finish, and have a textured, almost worn appearance to them as they dry. I actually really liked these a whole lot more than I thought I was going to. They dry very quickly, as is usually the case with matte finishes. Most of all though, I think the colors are perfect for fall, you have your purples, greens, nude-browns, a rusted copper, and a gorgeous pop of red.

Classic Camel

Classic Camel - 1 coat
Classic Camel - 2 coats

A rusted copper with a sparse amount of flakies. It is opaque in 1 coat. However, I did want to mention that on the 1st coat it looked like it was begging to crack, sort of like a crackle.

Classic Camel w/ Top Coat

Mod Moss

Mod Moss - 1 coat
Mod Moss - 2 coats

A mossy green with a bit of shimmer and some flakies. This was also opaque in 1 coat. For this particular one, the shimmer peaks through after it has dried. However, the flakies are not noticeable on the nail.

Mod Moss w/ Top Coat

Plush Plum

Plush Plum - 1 coat
Plush Plum - 2 coats

A dark magenta in the bottle. On the 1st coat it was a bit patchy and streaky, this is one that definitely needs 2 coats. Also, the flakies are a bit more noticeable in this one.

Plush Plum w/ Top Coat

Antique Teal

Antique Teal - 1 coat
Antique Teal - 2 coats

A creamy dark teal with flakies. This was opaque in 1 coat, and the flakies were not as noticeable when dry. Antique teal did stain the nail a little bit after I removed it.

Antique Teal w/ Top Coat

Lasting Lilac

Lasting Lilac - 1 coat
Lasting Lilac - 2 coats

A very pretty light lilac purple with flakies, it is a few shades lighter than Plush Plum, so you definitely do not need both. The first coat was really sheer and streaky, but you only need a second coat to even it out. Also, the flakes are noticeable in this color.

Lasting Lilac w/ Top Coat

Red Relic

Red Relic - 1 coat
Red Relic - 2 coats

This one has to be one of my favorites. It is a coral red with flakies. It is a tad sheer with one coat for my liking, but you can still get away with it. Also, the flakies are a bit more noticeable in this formula as well.

Red Relic w/ Top Coat

High Style Sienna

High Style Sienna - 1 coat
High Style Sienna - 2 coats

A nude light brown with flakies. This was opaque in 1 coat, and 2 coats just deepens the color a bit. The flakies are not as noticeable when dry.

High Style Sienna w/ Top Coat


  • Fast Drying
  • Most are opaque in 1 coat
  • Mild Textured/wrinkled appearance when dry
  • Perfect fall colors
  • Matte finish
  • Wear Time: Poor (started chipping in some cases to day of application or the day after)
  • Limited Edition
  • Easy Removal - Antique Teal did stain the nail
  • Price: $2.99
  • Availability: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and drugstores.
Overall, I really love all of the colors in the collection and can really see myself wearing these regularly for the Fall season. I think that if you are curious about these, I would say give one a shot, even if you may like them better with some top coat, they are pretty versatile in that respect. Let me know if you picked up any of the other colors? How do you like them?

Stay Beautiful!!



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