Sunday, January 5, 2014

Color Club Mini Nail Polish in #6032 For You

Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You
Happy New Year 2014 !! I hope you all are looking forward to the New Year as much as I am!! Onward we go!!
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You
Nothing like starting off a New Year of Blogging with a fresh Mani! Today we will be looking at a new (at least for me) Color Club Mini in #6032 ‘For You’. I picked up this adorable mini polish at Harmon’s where they had a decently sized display of all mini color club polishes, including minis of their newer collection ‘Girl About Town’ (Fall 2013), which I was surprised to see. From this display I also picked up a mini of ‘The Uptown’ from the Fall Collection, which I will review soon. In the meantime, you can see swatches on my Instagram (helensbeauty). The ‘For You’ polish happened to catch my eye because I thought it was pretty unique looking, and it reminded me of an indie brand polish.

Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (flash)
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (flash)
It is a pretty sheer creamy white base with a good amount of glitter in what appears to be 4 different sizes. The round micro-glitter is pinkish-red, and purple. The small round glitter is purple. The medium hexagon glitter in teal, and purple. And finally there are large hexagon glitter in lemon yellow, lavender purple, and pinkish-red. It’s basically a party in a bottle, with pinkish-red, purple, teal, lemon yellow, and lavender purple. 
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (no flash)
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (no flash)
The combination of the beautiful glitters in this sheer creamy white base just makes me think of spring. I really love it.

Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (flash)
It took me 2 coats to reach my liking of opacity. The polish layered beautifully (I waited about 3 mins in between coats) and I didn’t find that it was too tedious to place the glitter.
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (no flash)
This little polish retails only for $2.99 for .25 fl oz.  For someone like me who is a bit of a polish hoarder this was the perfect price matched with the perfect size.
Color Club Nail Lacquer in #6032 For You (flash)

  • Affordable - $2.99 for .25 fl oz.
  • Perfect Mini Size
  • Travel Friendly
  • Beautiful Glitter Combination
  • Opaque in 2 coats
  • Easy to work with
  • Dries quickly
  • Availability: I only found this display at Harmons

Overall, I really loved this polish! However, I have a feeling that it may be hard to find because I was looking for swatches online when I was in the store looking at it and I couldn't find it all. But, if you find it, I would definitely say to pick it up, the price is right, and the glitter combination is just gorgeous.

Stay Beautiful!



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  1. I just picked up this polish at my local nail supply store and love it. Youo're right, it's definitely a "party in a bottle" kind of polish, and it's super fun. I'm wearing it now!


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